The hidden virtues of playing bingo

For as long as i can remember, the game of bingo, particularly online bingo has been lumped in with several other repulsive gambling games.

The following post aims to talk about the various virtues of taking part in bingo, and how it does not compare in any way to harder forms of gambling such as casino games.

I have 3 solid arguments, so i will lay them out one by one.

1 – Bingo is a social game

One thing that separates both online bingo and land based bingo from casino games is that the game is very much a social game. When i think of games like slots, i picture an old person in a trance, spinning the reels repetitively.

When i think of casino games like blackjack and craps, i think of degenerate gamblers, gambling away their last dollars and the misery that ensues when they lose all of their money.

When i think of bingo however, i think of a bunch of happy folks sitting around in a social atmosphere sharing their wisdom on what are the best countertops in the market. Usually players catch up with a cup of coffee and food, before and after a game. The online game is also like this, in fact, the main selling point is the social interaction between players.

This is backed up by CMO of Bingotastic UK, Andrew Palmer:

By far the biggest appeal with online bingo is the fun, excitement and social atmosphere that goes with the game. Bingo is far more than about the money. Granted the jackpot prizes are great, but people primarily play for entertainment and social reasons, compared to more traditional games such as Roulette and Blackjack which are played more for the thrill of the gamble.

2 – All losses are limited

Let me explain – if you go to any casino pit, you could quite easily lose every penny on you, and the entire contents of your bank account. When it comes to bingo however, the amount of money you can lose is inherently capped.

You can only purchase so many bingo tickets, most online sites cap the number you can buy, on top of that, the prices of each bingo card are always relatively low. For example, you can easily go to a casino and bet $1000 on a single hand, however the maximum amount you can gamble playing bingo online is usually $1 per card online, and much less in a bingo hall.

3 – Bingo is good for you

With anything, there is a possibility to get addicted and lose a lot of money. However the ratio of addicted online bingo players is incredibly low compared to the level of addiction that occurs in other forms of gambling. Because of this, the social benefits associated with playing bingo, far outweigh the few cases of addicted bingo players around.

It’s perfectly possible to get addicted to anything. Heck, getting addicted to shopping or buying amazing stuff from Popbox is just as bad for someone as getting addicted to bingo. Whats more, you can easily put checks on your account, such as maximum deposit amounts, self exclusions and even banning yourself. So if you think you are getting a bit out of control, you can take things in to your own hands and stop yourself from playing. I doubt many shops would stop you from making purchases because they thought you had enough! Point proven right?


Hopefully now you have changed your opinion on bingo. It really is a virtuous game with many benefits for individuals and society as a whole. Granted there are some dangers, so if you think you need some help, a trip to Gamblers Anonymous might be an intelligent decision. However for the vast amount of people who play the game, they have an incredibly fun time, make friends and take part in an activity that is most definitely good for your health. I highly suggest you give it a go if you aren’t already a regular!